The Ultimate Motorcyclist’s Guide to the 30 Coolest Bucket List Activities-Part 2

Coolest Bucket List Activities #16:  Find the Green Fairy

Drink Absinthe where the pirates used to scheme and plan their skullduggery. Head out to New Orleans’s French Quarter and sample this mystical elixir. Many believe that this 80 percent proof liquor has a stimulating effect not only on the drinker’s creativity but also on his or her libido!

Coolest Bucket List Activities #17:  Stay in the Ice Hotel


Check in to Sweden’s Icehotel and enjoy a surreal experience. Sleep in ice sculpted suites, crafted by artists from around the world. Sculptures are different every year but have included a life size Harley- Davidson, a rock guitar and a coffin.  The temperature in your room will be between -5 and -8 degrees Celsius, but you will sleep soundly under reindeer hides snug inside a thermal sleeping bag

Coolest Bucket List Activities #18: Become an Organ Donor

Providing you haven’t partied hard like a rock star then why not think about becoming part of the organ donation program. Lots of states let you choose which specific organs you want to donate. Remember you may be helping to save a future biker.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #19:  Take Part in A Toy Run

Gear up for an annual toy run. Join thousands of bikers all over the world spreading goodwill to those in need.  In 1973 the San Fernando Valley Charter of the Hells Angels delivered the very first truckload of toys to the Los Angeles Salvation Army.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #20: Visit London’s Ace Café

Have a cup of tea and a sausage sandwich in the very spot where the original ton-up guys from the café racing golden era of the 1950s first hung out.  A transport café and greasy spoon since ’38 it’s now the hip go- to- place offering monthly meets for cars, and motorcycles.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #21: Party Hard at Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Bike Week

No biker bucket list is complete without a trip to one of the most important events on the biking calendar. So, make your way down to the wildest biker rally in sunny Florida for ten days of partying.   After you’ve cruised down Main Street check out the cabbage wrestling, and the Wet T-shirt Contest at Dirty Harry’s!

Coolest Bucket List Activities #22: Write your own Motorcycle Diary

Follow in the tire tracks of Che Guevara. If you have time on your hands, take a 33 day, 5000-mile bike trip. Re-trace the revolutionary’s ride made famous in the film Motorcycle Diaries. You need a bucketful of dollars and big balls for this one for this one though.   You will climb an amazing 21,000ft riding a Kawasaki KLR650 through the Andean Mountain range.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #23: Take a Tour of Breaking Bad

Pack up your ride and head off to Albuquerque. Here, you can check out the filming locations for the cult TV show, Breaking Bad.  The tour is nearly 90 miles and includes 26 different filming locations.  Chow down on some fast food chicken in the infamous Los Pollos Hermanos.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #24: Take a Trip Beyond the Wall


Book yourself on a unique riding adventure to the land of fire and ice. Ride through Iceland’s stunning coastal routes and barren roadways. Take in volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, and fjords but don’t miss seeing Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier and the location used by Game of Thrones as their Beyond the Wall setting. Winter is coming!

Coolest Bucket List Activities #25:  Hang out with the Hells Angels

Visit the Bulldog Bash HA annual party at the Shakespeare County Raceway near Stratford Upon Avon, England. Every year over 30,000 + bikers attend this rally for a weekend of partying, drag racing and general debauchery. Hosted by Hells Angels, it is now one of the largest European motorcycle festivals.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #26: Visit a Broadway Show

Yes, seriously. See the Boss on Broadway. Bruce Springsteen will make his debut this Fall. The New Jersey legend will present a mix of music and spoken word; including excerpts from Born to Run, his best-selling 2016 autobiography.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #27:  Ride Route 66



Take a 2291- mile motorcycle trip and visit the ghost towns on iconic highway Route 66. Ride through abandoned mining towns and farming villages and discover the haunting history of America’s forgotten past.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #28: Tour Europe

You may think New England is close enough, but until you clocked some miles across Europe, you haven’t lived. Visit a Celtic rock festival in France, tour the vineyards of Italy or visit a beer festival in Germany. Fly-ride tours are available or if that’s too organized, DIY motorcycle hire is available throughout Europe. You can of course, ship your own bike over and freak out the locals when they see your license plate.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #29: Fun with a .50 Cal

Anyone can shoot a gun, but it’s not every day you get to pop a cap into a robotic zombie with a .50 Cal Barrett sniper rifle. Alternatively, you can also explode a melon with a monster .50 cal Desert Eagle.  If you think your Panhead’s got a mean kick, wait till you try one of these.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #30: Take an Off- Road Course

Why? Because not only is slewing sideways through mud, great fun, but the skills you pick up will help to keep you safe on the road long enough to complete your bucket list. Private courses are available throughout the USA.  Honda, Yamaha, and BMW all supply bikes.

Coolest Bucket List Activities: Conclusions

When we think about making a bucket list, we think of where we want to go and want we want to do before we kick the bucket.  Although, this is a great idea why not get on with experiencing something new each day, month and year?  Part 2 of The Motorcyclist’s Guide to the 30 Coolest Bucket List Activities will get you on the road to new adventures.