The Ultimate Motorcyclist’s Guide to the 30 Coolest Bucket List Activities-Part 1

Could you imagine anything worse than kicking the bucket with a whole host of things still left to do? Obviously, everyone’s final list is going to be different, but here are some great ideas that should at least kick you off.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #1:  Do A Track Day

Not only are these a thrill a minute, but you’ll come away a better rider. Track days are especially good if you ride a cruiser, as they take you right out of your comfort zone. Track days are available from San Diego to New Jersey.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #2:  Build A Rat Bike

Buy any old piece of two-wheeled scrap you can pick up cheap and just let rip. Dump the seat and tie on a cushion. Make a silencer out of tin cans, paint it matt black with a 6” brush. It doesn’t matter as long as it looks nasty. You’ll be surprised at just how therapeutic it is.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #3:  Go to The Isle of Man TT Races

The Isle of Man is a speck of land in the Irish Sea and is home to the most dangerous race series in the world. Whether you like motor racing or not, this is a spectacle that you have to see at least once in a lifetime.  Once seen, never forgotten.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #4:  Ride to Mardi Gras

Mardi Grass Event


One of the biggest craziest street parties in the world and there’s no better way to enjoy it than rolling into town like Captain America and Billy. The annual event happens around the end of February, but this fluctuates due to the religious day it follows (the Epiphany). Next year it’s on February 13th and in 2019, March 5th.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #5:  Learn How to do the Perfect Wheelie

C’mon, we’ve all done one, but now you can learn how to keep it under control again. I’m talking about the dark art of wheelieing. Forget about your buddy with the dirt bike giving you pointers. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth at a wheelie school. Use your own ride or one of theirs with a specially fitted wheelie bar. There are locations all over the West Coast.


Coolest Bucket List Activities #6:  Visit a Motorcycle Museum

If you ride a bike, you are part of a worldwide heritage with a unique history. The bike you are riding didn’t just appear in the showroom like that so why not walk back in time and see how it all started.

There are bike museums all across the country, but one of the largest collections is the Barber Museum in Birmingham Alabama.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #7:  Test Ride a Motorcycle

The object here is to ride a bike that’s the complete polar opposite of your usual ride. Bagger owner? Head for the nearest Ducati dealer and get your buns on a Panigale.  The same goes for any superbike jockeys; it’s got to be a Harley Ultra Classic or Indian Chieftain.  A test ride is a perfect way to see the world from a different perspective.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #8:  Ride the Dragons Tail


The stats are insane: 318 bends in only 11 miles.  This ride is not for the faint hearted.  Running across the borders of Tennessee and North Carolina. This twisting turning road with its crazy curves and adverse cambers is not something to miss out experiencing.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #9:  Jump on a Jet Ski

Riding a jet ski is like riding a motorcycle on water, right? No, it would be easier to describe it as like being on a mechanical bull but in the water! They only work with the throttle open full, and if you are a thrill seeker, then this one is a big yes on the bucket list.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #10:  Burning Man Festival


Ride out to the Nevada desert and check out the Burning Man Festival which this year takes place from 27 August to September 4.  It’s not so much a festival but more of an interactive experience. Join in the quest to help create Black Rock City, a fully- fledged, albeit temporary metropolis.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #11:  Camping under the Stars

Not regular camping but a night under the stars in a Native American Teepee. For under $50 you can follow in the footsteps of Crazy Horse and look out on Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.  Enjoy a cup of hot coffee and watch the sun rise on one of the USA’s most iconic national monuments.


Coolest Bucket List Activities #12:  Follow in Burt Munro’s Footsteps

With the anniversary of Burt Munro’s Land Speed Record fast approaching why not take a trip out to Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats?  See for yourself where in 1967 this eccentric Kiwi achieved a record breaking 184.07 mph on his 1920 Indian Scout Streamliner. Don’t try this at home!

Coolest Bucket List Activities #13:  Take to the Skies


This wish isn’t about commercial flights with onboard entertainment. We are talking jet fighters here from aerobatics over the Mexican desert to an edge of space experience in a Russian MIG29.  Military fighter jet flights are one of the last great adventures for speed freaks. You can do this in the USA, Russia and some part of Europe.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #14: Get a Tattoo

If you are old enough to make a bucket list but haven’t as yet got around to getting inked now is the time. Choose a theme that is special to you and an artist whose work you like. Does it hurt? Hell, yes.

Coolest Bucket List Activities #15: The Walking Dead

Macabre. You bet. Take a final trip to Hollywood and pay a visit to Universal Studio’s latest immersive attraction; The Walking Dead.  Fight for survival amongst the hungry walkers and battle your way through following in the footsteps of Rick and Daryl.


Bucket lists are supposed to be fun, but they can also serve as a wake-up call. They give us time to reflect on our lives and realize that life isn’t a rehearsal. What are your waiting for read the Motorcyclist’s Guide to the 30 Coolest Bucket List activities imaginable and get ticking?