Bell motorcycle helmets

Bell is today one of the most famous brands in terms of motorcycle helmets, it has a long history offering high quality products with extremely resistant materials and high performance, it has managed to establish sales and acceptance records for part of each user, since it has earned the trust of all motorcyclists who wear a helmet from this prestigious brand.

The vast majority of Bell motorcycle helmets are made of polycarbonate material, which provides excellent resistance and makes it much lighter, so that the rider has the greatest possible comfort while riding, they also have a transparent screen that protects the helmet and the driver from ultraviolet rays, in such a way that it is essential to have a helmet of this quality.

However, Bell offers a fairly wide catalog of motorcycle helmets, which is why in this post we have prepared a comparative guide with the best Bell motorcycle helmets, with a brief review, their advantages and disadvantages, so that you know which model to choose.

Our opinion and the advantages of having a Bell motorcycle helmet

Bell motorcycle helmets have become a great option, since it is a brand that offers multipurpose helmets that allow you to optimize the tour in weather conditions of any type, its models are perfectly adapted to each requirement of each pilot, in addition to the fact that They provide excellent protection and comfort, yes, it should also be mentioned that they have a fabulous aerodynamic design that guarantees a 100% safe and stable ride.

Helmets must be selected correctly, not only for the design they offer, but for each safety feature they have, so that in any incident we are hit as little as possible, the best thing about Bell helmets is that they are manufactured in lightweight polycarbonate material, so you can be sure that you will be fully protected. Some of its advantages are the following:

  • The vast majority of their helmets are made of polycarbonate material, giving them high resistance and a great level of lightness.
  • They have side pads and holes in which they can be placed hands-free, in such a way that the pilot obtains greater comfort.
  • They have a transparent screen that protects the helmet and the rider from ultraviolet rays and scratches.
  • They incorporate a speed ventilation system called Velocity-Flow, to keep the helmet cool even on the hottest days.