Open motorcycle helmet

A motorcyclist must always be well equipped, since the fundamental equipment for a pilot is the helmet, as we know the most important part that must be protected is the head, the use of the helmet is mandatory and we use it not only to avoid fines but to reduce injuries or the consequences of a motorcycle accident.

Open helmets are a very good option for urban use since they have a handicap in their design, these helmets do not fully cover the face, although they do cover the head, pilots when using this type of helmet are more exposed to injury in an accident unlike wearing full face helmets. In addition, when driving at high speeds it is not very comfortable because its large opening provides more resistance to the wind, which usually causes more tension in the neck, a good point in its favor is that open helmets weigh less than full face helmets, although are not sealed to avoid discomfort caused by rain or wind while driving.

A great option, a high quality helmet that has great value for money, stands out for its elegant design, previous buyers express their satisfaction when purchasing this open Jet helmet thanks to the comfort it provides, without a doubt a very good option for those motorists who circulate in the city.