Discover the Best 5 Motorcycle Jacket Brands in the Universe!

Let’s begin by taking a look at the evolution of the motorcycle jacket.


If you want to talk about the heritage of the motorcycle jacket, then look no further than Schott. The sons of Russian immigrants, Irving and Jack Schott began in 1913, making raincoats in NYC.

Irving produced a foul-weather leather jacket, which he christened the Perfecto after his favorite cigars, and it was the first to feature a zip fastening.

By the late 1920’s, motorcycles had taken off and the Schott brothers saw the need for a robust, weather resistant, all-purpose jacket specifically for bikers.

Incorporating many military-style features and the latest zipper technology, Irving designed the very first leather motorcycle jacket in 1928. Also named the Perfecto, it sold for $5.50 through a Long Island Harley-Davidson dealer. The Perfecto is a design classic and remains primarily unchanged for the past 90 years.

A surly looking Brando wore the iconic leather in the movie classic, the Wild One, and the Perfecto was hi-jacked by Hollywood for every B-movie bad guy ever since.

Today, Schott still make the bad-ass biker leather that’s the go-to fashion accessory for everyone from supermodels to sports stars.


Motorcycle jacket brands don’t get much bigger than Alpinestars; the brainchild of Italian leather craftsman Sante Mazzarolo.

Sante saw a gap in the market way back in 1963 and named his company after the Alpine star flower that flourished in northern Italy.

That gap in the market was the up and coming sport of motocross, and the protective boots he specifically designed to meet its exacting demands became the racing standard.

The lessons learned in the hard-knock world of Moto X eventually spread to road racing before branching out into every arm of motorsports.

Today, the Alpinestars logo adorns the race gear of podium winners around the world.
Its technology has translated into some of the most advanced road gear available.

Take, for example, Tech-Air, the first integrated airbag system that works entirely independently to protect the upper body before impact.

The prototypes underwent testing in MotoGP before clocking up half a million road miles and totaling countless crash test dummies. The end result is a crash protection system that fully inflates in just 25ms. To put that into perspective, there are 1000ms to the second!

The Tech-Air system is also modular, which means its possible to insert it into any compatible jacket in the Alpinestars range.


Dainese may not have been around quite as long as Alpinestars, but they have certainly packed a lot into their relatively short 50-year history.

After riding to London on a Vespa in 1968, Lino Dainese saw for the first time, the leather-clad ton-up boys of London’s North Circular.

Returning home bursting with ideas for his own motorcycle clothing line, Lino opened his first showroom in Venetia just six years later. In a world where leather motorcycle gear came only in black, Lino brought some much-needed Italian flair to the scene.

His leather motorcycle gear was vibrant and multi-colored, and as a natural consequence, offered high visibility.

In that same year, the company went on to create elasticated panels in racing leathers to increase flexibility.

The end of the seventies saw a collaboration with the legendary Barry Sheene, which give birth to the back protector. Fast forward to the beginning of the 80’s, and we see Dainese trialing the first knee sliders for motorcycle racer, Kenny Roberts.

The company went on to produce the first race suit designed with pre-curved arms and legs. Corrugated spine protectors followed along with composite body armor, aerodynamic back humps, boot sliders and Kevlar knuckle protectors for gloves.

The quality and technological innovations in their current motorcycle jacket line-up are in a class of their own.

The one jacket that stands out though is the Dainese Fighter. A masterpiece of aluminum and composite chest back and elbow protectors.

Most notably, however, the very best thing about the Fighter is the fact that every square centimeter is badass black; a race track standard leather without the glitz!

Speed And Strength

This innovative company is relatively new to the scene, but in just a few years they have indeed made a splash. Whereas our previous choices may relate to the traditionalists or the tech-gear sports rider, Speed and Strength is aimed fairly and squarely at the bike punk.

Their style is tough, functional, clever and pure street. Before we even take a look at S&S jackets though, the company’s covert shirt and hoody range need an honorable mention. With names including the Rust and Redemption Moto Shirt and Bikes Are In My Blood Armored Hoody, they show a real understanding of their target market.

It’s one thing to talk the talk, but where S&S score is their ability to walk the walk, too. Both the shirt and hoody look like regular work wear but feature covert armor with removable elbow, shoulder and spine protectors.

As for the jackets, it’s pretty much the same story; you can choose from textile, leather, or combinations of leather/denim or waxed canvas. Once again, the CE approved armor is subtly hidden and with model names like Rage With the Machine Jeans and Off The Chain 2.0 Jacket, at long last, it’s possible to look street cool and stay safe.


Klim, a relative newcomer to the motorcycle gear scene, made the transition to two wheels via custom snowsuits for ski patrol personnel. It was also around this time that snowmobiles took off and the company tapped into the upcoming market.

What do snowmobilers do in the off-season we ask ourselves? Yup, they ride dirt bikes, which is how Teton Outfitters in 1999 changed their name to Klim and set out on the road to two-wheeled stardom.

Right from the get-go, Klim aimed to produce the best quality adventure gear in the universe. Collaborating heavily with the likes of Gore-Tex and Cordura, long before the rest of the industry jumped on the bandwagon.

Some say that the company’s success had an awful lot to do with being in the right place at the right time.

The technical specification of the Adv Rally is stunning, using no less than three layers of Gore-Tex. It’s safe to say that Klim makes ‘keeping you dry’ a condition of their guarantee.

Add to this some of the best internal and external body armor and a list of technical and innovative features a mile long, and you’re beginning to get the idea. This jacket is capable of taking anything you throw at it and asks for more.

Best 5 Mototrcycle Jacket Brands: Conclusion

Motorcycle jacket brands can fall into the best category for a variety of reasons. It may be because of the consistency of their range, the use of innovative materials, genre-busting style, or because they produce a product that is simply the best.

Whatever the reason and whatever your ride, discover the best 5 motorcycle jacket brands in the universe.