Complete guide to choose a motorcyle ramp for truck

Loading a motorcycle in a van can be a really complicated task if you do not have the necessary tools and use any other object to load your motorcycle instead of a special truck or trailer ramp can even cause an accident and also serious damage to your beloved motorcycle.

What do you must to consider before buying a motorcycle ramp for truck?

Before acquiring the ramp that you will use to load your motorcycle in your pick up or truck, there are some important points that you should consider thinking not only in the short time but even in the medium term. Then you will find some of the most important aspects to evaluate.

Type of motorcycle you are going to load. Although this point seems obvious it is very important since in some cases it may seem that motorcycle time does not matter, however, it is not the same to try to climb a Harley Davidson motorcycle which is usually large and heavy than a enduro motorcycle type in general they are usually lighter and easier to maneuver. In this case perhaps you should consider a ramp with a sufficient width that allows you to support the feet while performing the maneuver.

Motorcycle Weight. There are different types of ramps with different characteristics among them in terms of design, materials and cost but one of the main differences between them is the weight they can get to load and therefore you must know what is the weight of the vehicles that you will be loading and the maximum weight that the ramp supports before acquiring it.

Maximum load height. It is very common that this point passes by when evaluating a ramp to load motorcycles, however, not considering it can cause you to use the ramp in a way that is not recommended by the manufacturer and therefore have a poor performance. The maximum load height is usually related to the length of the ramp and will adapt to the height of the truck you will use for transportation.

Fabrication material. This will determine the durability and weight of your ramp, the best are usually made of aluminum which makes them much more durable and lighter to be transported easily, in addition to not adding more weight to your truck considering that it will already be loading a motorcycle.

Design and manageability. There are mainly 2 types of ramps, which are divided into two independent parts that allows you to even be used independently and those that consist of a single piece that are designed to be used with vehicles a little more bulky and although the latter almost always they have the functionality of folding to become narrower, it is always better to consider your real need before buying it.

The best options for buying your ramp

Here you will see the detail of the 5 best motorcycle ramp for truck according to the preferences and comments of many lovers and true professionals of motorcycles, who have tried different options and at the end acquired one of the ramps of this list.

These options contain different options in price, size and materials for you in order to choose yours according to your need and convenience but you can be sure that you will find the best offers and the best service when buying them.

Goplus 7.5′ Loading Ramp 1760 lb Heavy Duty Aluminum

If what you want is a ramp to load your motorcycle in your truck that supports heavy load and that also lasts a long time, then the Goplus 7.5′ Loading Ramp is perfect for you since it is built entirely of aluminum, which makes it extremely resistant to corrosion and supports a weight of up to 880 lbs per piece.

Its portability is also a very prominent point since its design allows it to fold in half making it very easy to store in narrow areas

This ramp for loading motorcycles is equipped with rubber tips on one of the ends that prevents slipping and offers greater safety when transporting your motorcycle.

These ramps come in a pack of 2, separated from each other so that the width can be adjusted, being ideal for loading other types of vehicles such as lawn mowers.

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Aluminum Ramp 6 ft. USA – Motorcycles on to Trailers – 444 MCDR Ramp

When you are talking about loading large and heavy motorcycles, this ramp is an ideal option as it supports a weight of up to 1500 lbs. Distributed from the center while some other options that are not designed in this way can fail with heavy loads, is made entirely of aluminum and is extremely lightweight, weighing only 38 lbs.

It is specially designed to provide good traction when climbing your motorcycle along its 6 ft. long and 44 inches wide, this large space allows to plant the feet at the time of loading, and can be bent to only 22 inches in the case of trying to load smaller and lighter motorcycles.

It is Ideal for loading to a maximum height of 18 “and for a higher height a 7-foot long ramp is recommended

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Pit Posse PP2755 Motorcycle Folding Loading Ramp Aluminum 89” Dirt Bike Street Bike 750Lbs Rated

This is an excellent option for those who are looking for a cheap motorcycle ramp but of good quality since it has a very good balance between quality and price compared to ramps of a higher range. It is very resistant and waterproof since it is made entirely of aluminum

It is very easy to carry and storage it 11″ wide & 89″ long and only 16 lbs weight.

It is specially built to load 2-wheeled vehicles that do not exceed 750 lbs. as is the case with dirt bikes.

Its use is very simple and does not require any type of assembly, you just have to unfold it and secure it to the truck. It is compatible with different vehicle models such as vans and pickups, in addition to adapting to different heights.

Its cost includes a safety strap to prevent the ramp from slipping when you get on the motorcycle.

One of the few disadvantages that it has is that it can become a little complicated to load large vehicles because it is not very wide.

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