The Best 5 Dirt Bike Helmets with a Visor to Wear Adventuring

The specific requirements placed on a dirt bike helmets mean, they look different from most other motorsports helmets. For a start, speeds attained on the dirt are a lot slower than on the road, so the helmet doesn’t have to be so aerodynamic.

Secondly, riding on the rough stuff is exhausting, so you need a big breathing space around the mouth area. The chin bar and peak are exaggerated to help keep sun, rocks, and muck out and the eye port specifically built for goggles.

The Best 5 Dirt Bike Helmets With a Visor

For a helmet to be dual-sport friendly though, two features, in particular, are needed. One is the ability to remove the peak altogether; this is important due to the high top speeds of large capacity adventure bikes.

Secondly is the need for a visor, which is more practical when covering vast stretches of blacktop in-between off-road jaunts.

The Best 5 Dirt Bike Helmets with a Visor :

 1# MMG Dual Sport With FlipUp Visor

This ABS thermoplastic resin lightweight helmet from MMG is DOT certified and is ideal for dual-sport and adventure riders. The padded liner and cheek pads are removable for washing, and there are multiple vents to allow for maximum airflow.

The visor is quickly detachable and thanks to the ratchet system, can be clicked into multiple positions. A molded-in catch on each side of the visor makes for easy opening and closing even with gloved hands. The standard visor is clear, but MMG also offers a tinted version as an optional extra.

Weighing in at 5lbs, the MMG is about average weight for a full face, and the eye-opening is deep enough to give excellent peripheral vision. The clear visor is fully operational with the attached peak and comes off entirely should you wish to use goggles.

Featuring a padded chinstrap, the helmet fastens via two stainless steel D-rings. The MMG Dual Sport comes with its own carry bag, and feedback suggests that the liner is comfortable straight out of the box meaning break-in time is minimal. Sizes run from Small to XXL.

 2# GMax GM11D Expedition

GMax has been producing helmets for the American and Canadian market for the last 15 years. Over this time they’ve built a reputation for providing good quality helmets at a reasonable price.

The GM11D is part of a range that the company has developed primarily for the rising adventure market. GMax chose a thermoplastic poly alloy for the outer shell to keep weight down to a fraction over 5lbs, while still maintaining a DOT safety rating.

On the inside, you’ll find a DuPont Coolmax comfort liner that is adjustable for a custom fit and can be removed and washed. The Expedition even gets integrated speaker pockets and a chin curtain.

As for the face shield, it’s 100% UV resistant and is hard coated and scratch resistant. The shield operates via a large tab on the left side which when not in use retracts underneath the visor.

On the subject of the visor, it’s designed to give maximum airflow and minimum lift at highway speeds. It is also removable and the mounting holes plugged with the supplied covers. GMax lids come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

 3# Bell MX-9 Adventure

A legendary name in the American crash helmet industry, Bell has been keeping heads safe in motorsports and out on the street for over 60 years. Like most helmet makers they’ve seen the potential of the adventure market and jumped on board.

The MX-9 comes with an injected composite polymer that creates a tough shell weighing in at an incredible 3.5lbs. Sizes range from Small to XXL and with three shell and EPS liner sizes, that all-important fit is pretty much guaranteed.

Large front vents channel air over the head, which is then funneled away to exhausts tucked into the aerodynamic contours on the back. The moisture-wicking comfort liner is channeled to keep air circulating and is removable for washing.

The chin bar is EPS lined for added safety, and the mouth vent is adjustable. A padded strap with double D-ring closures and strap-keeper carries out chinstrap duties.

The integrated drop down visor is an optically correct, injection-molded polycarbonate and factory aftermarket options offer a range of tinted shields. These shields cover everything from yellow for low light conditions, to dark tint for sunny days.

The shield pushes underneath the visor, and the MX-9 is usable with the visor removed.

  4# NENKI Helmets NK-310

In case you haven’t heard of Nenki before (like me) they produce motorcycle safety gear out of Japan. The NK-310 is one of a large line-up that covers both road and motocross gear and features a thermoplastic injected shell.

The NK-310 HAS AN All up weight of just less than 5lbs so is going to feel sturdy rather than lightweight. Just like virtually every helmet on the market, the liner is EPS for high impact absorption.

As for venting, the Nenki has them in spades. You’ll find a sizeable central vent on the chin bar flanked either side by vertical mesh filters. Two further vents sit on top of the helmet, while warm air is pushed out through the back by no less than four exhausts.

The comfort liner is removable for washing, and the padded strap fastens with two stainless steel D-rings. Shape-wise, the exterior is not overly contoured but has a deeply recessed eye port for maximum vision.

Color options run to four, the NK-310 comes with a matte black base with red or green highlights, and there are two color variations for the zombie graphics models.

What makes the DOT approved helmet jump off the page though, is its iridium, drop-down face shield. Don’t worry though; you also get a free clear shield for those days when you don’t feel like a Star Wars bounty hunter.

 5# O’Neal Sierra II

Motocross protective clothing specialists for over 40 years, O’Neal didn’t need to jump on the adventure bandwagon, they virtually invented it. The Sierra II is a classic motocross style lid but with added features to make it ideal for dual-sports riders.

There are a lot of aerodynamic curves, angles, and cut-outs on the thermoplastic polymer shell, which also kicks out at the rear to provide added neck protection. The rear cutaway is also designed to hold goggle straps in place if you decide to dump the visor.

On the subject of the visor, it is height adjustable, removable and the integrated face shield lives underneath when fully open. Interestingly, the Sierra II comes with not one, but two face shields (hence the ‘II’ model name, perhaps).

The first shield is clear and full length, locating snuggly on the chin bar to create a firm seal. The second shield is a drop down sun visor, which isn’t a feature you see on most adventure helmets.

Venting is courtesy of multiple mesh openings around the chin bar and shell, and the exhaust ports are nicely integrated into the helmets 3D rear surface.

The comfort liner has excellent back, and side padding is designed to draw moisture away from the rider’s head and is removable for washing.

The Sierra II tips the scales at less than 3.5lbs and is DOT and ECE certified.


All of these helmets began life as dirt bike kit. Adventure and dual-sport riders have slightly different requirements though, and these helmets have evolved to fill the gap.

They’re all still great for the dirt, but now they can take the rough with the smooth. Check out the Best 5 Dirt Bike Helmets with a Visor to Wear Adventuring.