Keeping your Bike Safe with The Best 5 Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices

According to the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) every day in the United States, over 130 motorcycles are stolen, that’s well more than 46,000 bikes a year. New York is top of the charts for theft and the month of August is the most popular time for it to happen.  Just what are you going to do to prevent becoming another statistic? Well, apart from moving to Vermont (the state with the least motorcycle theft) you should take some security precautions. According to the police, the one thing motorcycle thieves hate is time spent at the scene of the crime. So if you make your bike more difficult to steal, even if it’s a visual deterrent chances are, they’ll move on to the next one, and you’ll live to ride another day. Thats why if you don’t  want to be part of this statistics you must buy one of these motrorcycle anti-theft devices.

Best 5 Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices #1: MysBiker Disc Lock Alarm

As the name suggests the MysBiker Disc Lock Alarm is a fine looking disc lock that also contains a built-in alarm.  A stainless steel construction, the disc lock is waterproof, and the outer casing should never rust. The double-locking pin, which goes through a hole in your disc, is made from 14mm (1/2 inch) carbide re-inforced hardened steel, which means it should be tough to break.

If that weren’t enough, the MysBiker has a built-in alarm. This alarm is designed to give a warning beep should you knock the bike by accident.  In the event of the bike moving, as in pushed upright, the handlebars turned, or even vibration from the engine being fired up, 110db of very annoying alarm kicks off.

The alarm will alert you when the battery is running down, and the supplied mini-wrench allows you to remove the cover to change the battery. A nice touch, are the slots in the alarm box which hold six spare batteries, so you don’t have to go searching for one.

Pros– Loud alarm, extra batteries carried onboard.

Cons – Waterproofing hit and miss.

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Best 5 Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices #2: Carchet Anti-Theft Alarm System

The Carchet Anti-Theft Alarm Systems wires into the 12v system of your bike and is vibration and motion sensitive. Inside the box is a horn/alarm unit, wiring harness, control box and two remote controls.

According to feedback, installation is easy and supposed to be a no wire-cutting job, but as it’s a one size fits all kit, this will depend entirely on the electrical system on your bike.

Get the installation right though, and not only will the alarm squeal like a stuck pig at 120db, it will also kick off your parking lights. The Carchet’s two, battery operated fobs also work as a remote engine starter.  This feature is a neat trick, as long as your bike doesn’t need a choke or a pump of the throttle to start.


Pros – Excellent bang for the buck, remote engine starter.

Cons – Universal wiring may not fit all bikes, remotes a bit fragile.

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Best 5 Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices #3: TKSTAR GPS Trackert

GPS Tracker for Vehicles Hidden Magnetic Vehicles GPS Tracker Locator Real Time GPS Tracker for Car MotorcyclesThe Scout Universal GPS Tracker is one for the tech heads, but not for those who, like me, trash their mobile phone on a regular basis. The device is very small and compact, so hiding it won’t be a problem.

The kit includes a hard wiring harness and box so you can rig it up to your motorcycle’s battery. Don’t worry about battery drainage and the show going dark though; the Scout comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can carry on independently for a few weeks.

What the Scout does best is send detailed information to your mobile phone. The moment your bike moves, the device sends a message to the phone telling you how fast it’s moving and its exact location. A free app is available for Android or Apple; you can get alerts to multiple phones and get real-time information from anywhere in the USA.

The only consideration is that the GPS tracker requires a monthly service fee.

Pros – Small, detailed real-time tracking information.

Cons –  Monthly fee for GPS service

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Best 5 Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices #4: Kryptonite New York Noose Chain & Disc Lock

At almost 20lbs, the Kryptonite is a heavy-duty piece of kit, but if you choose to go for a lock and chain, it makes sense to get a good one.  A nice feature on the Kryptonite set-up is the loop on the one end. This loop allows you to thread the other end through and effectively extend the usable length of the chain.

Each six-sided chain link is 12mm thick, made of 3t hardened manganese steel and has a hardwearing nylon cover that can be attached to the chain. It’s all very well having a monster chain, but a poor quality lock is the weakest link.

You don’t have to worry here though; the NY Noose comes with the series four disc-lock. This disc-lock has a 14mm (1/2 inch) Max-Performance steel shackle that locates inside the disc type cylinder and has an anti drill, anti-pull protection system.

Pros – Very tough, O chain link.

Cons – Heavy.

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Best 5 Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices #5: ABUS WBA 100 C Floor Anchor

Not so much a problem in the USA where motorcycle thieves prefer to ride your pride and joy away, but in Great Britain, there’s a growing trend of lift and takes. The ABUS WBA 100C Floor Anchor is one way to stop this happening.

This ABUS unit is huge, robust and once fitted, takes the type of time-consuming effort that thieves hate. The anchor comes in two pieces; a steel base plate with attached shackle and a plastic cover that fits over the top.

The four quality masonry bolts (supplied) attach the base plate to the floor. The ramped plastic cover is tough enough to be driven over without any cracking or breaking problems.

The extra wide, hardened steel shackle is over ½” in diameter and made from a unique metal that reacts to heat. Trying to grind it off just makes the steel harden.

Pros – Robust construction, wide shackle.

Cons – Bulky, one for the homeowners.

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Best Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices: My Top Choice

The idea of a hidden GPS unit is very appealing, but I’d prefer to prevent the theft in the first place. An alarm is also a good idea, but wiring them in isn’t my cup o’ tea, and the remote engine starter wouldn’t work for me either.

The ABUS WBA 100 C Floor Anchor is a great idea but needs a good old-fashioned heavy-duty lock and chain, so that leaves the MysBiker Disc Lock Alarm.  It’s light, portable and you get the best of both worlds with a lock and an alarm which works for me.

The majority of motorcycles stolen have either poor or no security.  The best solution, therefore,  is to fit a decent device that will encourage a potential thief to move on to an easier target.

Our Best 5 Motorcycle Anti- Theft Devices cover everything from simple locks to hi-tech trackers, and one of them is sure to be the device to suit you and your motorcycle.