The Best 5 Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Stands Of 2020

Today, motorcycle manufacturers try and keep production costs to a minimum, and there’s  an increasing number of bikes out there that don’t have a main-stand.

Triumph has been guilty of this for quite a while, KTM also goes down this route as well as some Japanese manufacturers. As for Harley- Davidson, they haven’t fitted a main-stand to a bike since Willie G took his first step.

For every problem though, there’s a solution, and in this case, we’re looking at combo bike stands, in other words, paddock stands that come as a front and rear pair. So join us while we take a look at the Best Five Motorcycle Combo Stands of 2017 to get your project off the ground.

Venom Sport Bike Combo Stand

Although Venom advertises the Venom as their sports bike stand, and it will work on pretty much anything. All you need is the ability to fit a pair of spools on the swingarm.  However,  as with anything motorcycle related, check out the manufacturer’s dimensions just to be on the safe side.

Both stands come in heavy-duty steel tubing, with the front stand fitting underneath the fork legs. The lifting brackets are spring loaded to keep them in position and rubber covered to protect the fork from scratching or damage.

The lifting lugs on the rear stand, as previously mentioned, require screw in spools. An optional kit is available, however, which uses paddles that locate underneath the swingarm instead.

Venom say they have paid particular attention to the dimensions of the stand to make the lifting operation smooth and easy to operate single-handedly. Both front and rear stands come with double wheel-sets for stability.


GPI Industries Pro Series

The Pro Series stands, say GPI will work on nearly every sport and sport touring motorcycle currently available. The rear stand comes with both spool and paddle style adaptors, and both of these are rubber covered to prevent damage to your bike.

The 1 3/8  mandrel bent tubular carbon steel, is not only immensely strong but should keep its shape no matter how many times you lift your bike.

They also come with a lifetime structural guarantee and customer support seems very good, so at least buyers will have peace of mind.


Black Widow Stand Kit

The Black Widow is another piece of equipment that contains a number of adaptors to give the widest coverage of sizes. The BW kit focuses itself on the sport’s bike community, but with the additional adaptors, it will undoubtedly work for nakeds and dual sports.

The front stand can cope with fork widths of 7’’- 9’’ while the rear, covers sizes 10.75’’-13’’. Four heavy-duty rollers per stand make maneuvering easy  and add to the stability when the bike is off the floor which helps to make the lift smoother.

Both front and rear stands are 1 1/5” steel tube, which is also gusseted at the stress points for added strength. The stands combined, weigh a hefty 35lbs (by comparison the Venom and GPI’s weight around 20lb) and fold down to pack in the supplied carry case.

MOTO-D Motorcycle Stands

From a design point of view, the MOTO-D’s jump out from the rest of the motorcycle stands, like a polar bear at a penguin- only party.

Their aluminum box section construction not only makes them both lightweight and strong, but it also makes them look like an aftermarket Swingarm, which is a plus. On a practical note, this design also adds significantly to the stability of the stand.

A nice touch, are the stands roller’s, which are rollerblade wheels. These make for easy action and add to the MOTO-D’s overall quality feel. At 10lb combined they are half the weight of the nearest competitor, but can only be used with rear screw in spools.

Venom Triple Tree Headlift And Swingarm Combo Stands

The Venom triple tree stand does the same job as the other stands in our review but differently. Instead of fitting beneath the fork, a pin on the top of the stand fits into a hole in the steering stem on the underneath of the triple tree.

The headlift comes with five triple tree pins ranging from 13mm-18mm so should cover everything from middleweight road bikes to liter plus sports bikes. Both front and rear stands have reinforced bends and a heavy-duty steel tube construction.

The rear stand comes with a paddle type adjuster, which obviates the need for swingarm spools.  According to Venom, the leverage ratio has been calculated to make lifting your bike easy and safe.

Best 5 Motorcycle Combo Stands 2020: Conclusions

It is physically possible to find your bike’s tipping point and get both wheels off the floor using your side stand.  These types of antics though are best left for emergency roadside repairs when there’s no alternative.

For me the MOTO-D Motorcycle Stands tick all my boxes from a technical and aesthetic point of view. They are lightweight and their aluminum box construction give them an edge over the competition.

For repairs or maintenance, including tire, oil and brake changes a set of combo stands are a safe and cost-effective solution. Even laying your bike up for any length of time can give you problems with your tires, so checking out the best five combo stands of 2017 is the first step to getting your project off the ground.