Protect your Favorite Headgear With the Best 5 Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Motorcycle manufacturers have been putting helmet locks on their frames for years. However, as profit margins become tighter the little extras that we used to take for granted seem to be disappearing (remember when every bike except a Harley, came with a toolkit?).

As manufacturers take a step back, the accessory business steps in, and thankfully we now have an abundance of aftermarket alternatives. Buying the right one for your needs though can be tricky, so ask yourself a few simple questions.

If the helmet lock is a bolt-on, do you have a suitable place for it that won’t position your lid too close to hot exhaust pipes or close to the floor? Is the lock big enough to take two helmets? If it’s portable, how will it be stowed?

You’ll find the answer to these questions and more in our review of the Best 5 Motorcycle Helmet Locks.

Best Helmet Locks #1: Lockstraps 801 Locking Carabiner

The Lockstraps 801 is one big mutha of a carabiner.  Its dimensions put it at six inches long, but it does feel bigger, no doubt due to its 12-ounce weight. If you want something substantial to make sure your expensive helmet stays put, then this is the one for you.

The 801 is heavy duty 7 1/16” (1.1cms) heat treated steel bar and say the manufacturers; it can take a 600-pound load! It’s big enough to take two helmets with ease and sturdy enough to pull duty, locking your disc brake or tie downs on a truck.

The locking mechanism is a three-digit combination lock, which gives you a maximum of 999 possibilities and also means that you won’t have to add an extra key to your fob. The remainder of the carabiner is powder coated for maximum weather protection.

Pros – Heavy-duty, multi-purpose.

Cons – Bulky, watch your paintwork.

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Best Helmet Locks #2: License Plate Helmet Lock

An interesting solution to the helmet lock problem, the License Plate Helmet Lock device fits behind any standard 4” x 7” license plate, mating up to the four screw fixings that hold it on.

The steel frame is powder coated which is a good idea as its location means it’s liable to get water kicked up at it by the back wheel. All mounting hardware comes in the box, and the locking mechanism comes with two keys.

The manufacturers point out that this is specifically for flat license plates and unsuitable for curved or custom applications. Also, take a long look at the location of your license plate.  Too low down and it’s going to position your helmet low enough to get knocked by the person parking next to you or turn it into a garbage bin for dust.

Pros – Clever location, powder coated finish.

Cons – Shackle looks flimsy

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Best Helmet Locks #3: Universal Helmet Lock

The Universal comes as a two-piece fitting, which fastens around any tubing, such as your motorcycle frame, crash bars or even handlebars. Once you’ve decided on its location (making sure it won’t leave your helmet resting on anything hot) merely tighten the bolts, and that’s it.

So what’s to stop someone just undoing the bolts I hear you ask? Well, the fasteners have unique heads that only work one way, so once it’s on, it stays on. The chrome plated lock comes with two keys, and the D-shaped shackle is big enough to take the D-rings on your lid.

The helmet lock comes in two sizes; 7/8’’- 1 ½’’ and 1 ¼’’ – 1 ½’’.

Pros – Solidly made, adjustable diameter.

Cons – Small diameter shackle.

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Best Helmet Locks #4: DDSKY Motorcycle Helmet Lock with Elastic Cable

The DDSKY is a combination carabiner lock and cable that is small and light enough to either fit in a pocket or under the seat of your motorcycle. The carabiner has a three digit locking mechanism, which means you get 999 possible combinations and no keys to fuss with, just don’t forget your numbers.

Don’t be put off by the manufacturer’s description either, the ‘’elastic cable” is made of a zinc alloy and then spirally formed. This design gives the cable a spring-like elastic quality, enabling you to get extra length from a smaller footprint.

This feature is excellent if you need to secure two helmets. All the components are powder coated black, which should give years of rust-free use. In fact, the makers are so sure about the lock that they’ve thrown in a lifetime guarantee!

Pros – Lightweight, extendable cable.

Cons – May be too lightweight.

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Best Helmet Locks #5: Motorcycle Helmet/Jacket, Multi-Purpose 3 ft. Cable Locks

Can’t say I’ve ever thought of lashing my leather to the bike before, but I suppose that’s my fault for living in sketchy neighborhoods. Anyway, if that’s your bag, then this double cable is for you.

That’s right, I said double as in, you get two, three foot braided steel cables. Both of which fit directly into the integrated padlocks, which also come with two keys. The cables are also covered in a protective vinyl jacket to minimize scratching.

Both locks have steel shackles for cut resistance, and the body of the lock has laminated steel plates for added strength. A  four pin mechanism provides good anti-lock picking properties.

Pros – Ability to lock up helmets and jacket.

Cons – Tricky to store on the move.

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The Best 5 Motorcycle Helmet Locks: Which one to Choose?

Your choice of helmet lock is entirely dependent on your bike and riding kit. For example, a bagger owner won’t have to worry too much about the size of a lock, but a bobber owner will need to go for something pocket sized.

Personally, I like the Universal, it’s permanently on the bike and unobtrusive, but you have to have a suitable tube for it to work. The coiled wire on the DDSKY was a good idea and would prevent someone doing a takeaway, but it looks like any decent multi-tool would make short work of it.

The three feet cable locks are probably better for the baggers from a carrying point of view.  The license plate lock is a smart idea, but I just don’t like the thought of leaving my lid by the back wheel. So that leaves the 801, I know it’s bulky, but a helmet lock you could probably tow a bike with, what’s not to like?

Whatever your requirements though, one of the Best 5 Motorcycle Helmet Locks is sure to fit the bill.