Cover your Ass with the Best 5 Protective Motorcycle Jeans

Protective motorcycle clothing has come a long way. Advances in technology mean the material is light, offers greater weather resistance and is hardwearing.

Not only is the actual clothing easier and safer to wear but also, body armor has greatly improved. It’s always the sensible thing to wear some form of protective gear when you ride, but you don’t always want to look like a Power Ranger!

Best 5 Protective Motorcycle Jeans

That’s where the armored motorcycle jean comes into its own. All of the jeans in our review have been specially designed to provide essential safety features. Typically, these jeans will protect hips, and knees as well as giving that all-important abrasion resistance.

Thanks to smaller but stronger body armor and DuPont’s skin-saving Kevlar Aramid fibers, these jeans can provide high levels of protection and still look like regular denim.

The Best 5 Protective Motorcycle Jeans :

 1# Joe Rocket Accelerator Jean

As with all Joe Rocket gear, the Accelerator Jeans have a lot going on. You can tell that JR clothing has been designed by bikers, for bikers by the type of features they include.

These jeans come in 12oz heavy duty denim and have Kevlar hip, knee and seat reinforcing. The jeans also feature Aramid fibers, which are heat resisting and have enormous strength to weight ratio.

These fibers are used everywhere from the aerospace industry and the military to body armor. Rest assured, your butt is in good hands!

You will also find pockets built-in for knee armor, although the actual pads are available separately.

According to Joe Rocket, the Accelerators have a ‘rider-friendly cut,’ so even though there is reinforcing, they will stay comfortable in the saddle. The stretch panels in the knee and across the seat together with a cotton comfort liner undoubtedly help to improve their ride-ability.

The jeans come in regular and short lengths, and there are seven pockets, two of which are zippered. As an added safety feature reflective striping appears on the legs and tailbone.

 2# Alpinestars Resist Tech Men’s Denim

They may have started out making hiking boots back in the sixties, but Alpinestars are now forever linked with cutting-edge safety gear for the motocross crowd.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise though, that their armored denim motorcycle jeans are as safe as they are stylish.

The jeans are a straight fit style, cut from 13oz denim, which gives good abrasive qualities on its own. When you add reinforced Kevlar hip knee and seat panels though, the safety factors climbs dramatically.

You will also find CE-certified knee protectors, which, thanks to the elongated compartment they sit in, can be adjusted to fit different leg lengths. The jean’s hip protectors are held in place with hook and loop attachments and are removable.

It will come as no surprise, coming from a company that so effortlessly combines safety and style, that the jeans are double stitched on the main seam and have built-in stretch inserts.

Like racing leathers, the legs are anatomically constructed to adopt a more comfortable riding stance, and there’s a host of excellent touches including custom YKK zips and buttons.

 3# Newfacelook Motorcycle Jeans

The name may seem unfamiliar to you, but the quality of these armored jeans speaks volumes. The most substantial weight material so far, Newfacelook uses 14oz denim to construct the pants, and the 320 GSM Aramid protective lining gives slightly more coverage than usual.

The weight of the denim together with the DuPont, Kevlar/Aramid lining provides excellent protection and includes high cut resistance and substantial abrasion resistance. These jeans will also protect you from 400 degrees of direct heat, which is great if you have forward footrests and a prominent exhaust system.

Continuing with the safety features; the jeans get the usual hip and knee pockets for body armor. Unlike other motorcycle jeans in the same category though, Newfacelook supply CE grade hip and knee armor as part of the deal.

Double stitching together with high-quality zip and button fastenings feature throughout their design. Newfacelook is so confident in their jeans they’ll give a full refund with postage if you’re unhappy with the quality.

 4# Bilt Iron Workers Steel Motorcycle Jeans

Cycle Gear has been supplying bikers with essential kit since 1974, and the Bilt range is their in-house range of protective motorcycle clothing and helmets.

In amongst their substantial offerings are the Iron Workers Steel Motorcycle Jeans; named after the heavy-duty workwear of the steel industry. These jeans are described as ‘relaxed fit’ and ‘distressed denim’ so although they look rough and ready straight out of the box; they have a somewhat soft feel.

Protection comes in the form of CE-Approved knee armor, and pockets only, for hip armor. As with all of the motorcycle jeans we feature, DuPont Kevlar is the go-to fabric for the impact zones but appears to be comparatively minimal in its coverage.

These jeans have a good amount of rise at the rear to protect the lower back from the elements and also feature a two-part zip so you can attach them easily to a jacket!

Knee armor and pockets are non-adjustable, and the bottom of the jeans are boot cut. Getting the size right for your inseam is, therefore, more critical than with other jeans.

 5# Maxler Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans

At first glance, the Maxler jeans look like just another pair of trendy fashion jeans. However, they have cleverly hidden a host of top quality features, just below the surface.

For starters, the denim is a heavyweight 14ozs, which is 98% cotton with 2% mix of spandex just to give it some stretch. This tiny bit of built-in flex will come in handy as the jeans so appear to be a slim fit.

Inside, the jeans have a DuPont Kevlar lining on the hip and knee areas, while at the back the reinforced material covers the seat completely and stretches all the way down to the back of the knee.

The hip and knee protectors are CE-Approved (both supplied) and are easily removable. It is entirely possible to adjust the position of the knee armor to allow for different height.

Zippers are also present on the outside of the upper thighs. This well thought out feature not only gives you access to remove the knee armor, but the mesh lining behind also acts as a vent for those hot riding days.

Sizes appear to run true, and leg length is slightly too long to allow for turn-ups. Maxler says they introduced their range of motorcycle clothing in 1996 to provide riders with exceptional protection while still offering good looks and comfort; I think they nailed it.


Armored jeans give you a casual look you want and the protective qualities you need. Some do a better job than others, but when you cover your ass with our Best 5 Protective Motorcycle Jeans, you won’t have to worry about looking cool or staying safe.