Stay Dry and Comfortable with The Best 5 Gore-Tex Motorcycle Jackets

Gore-Tex is in such everyday use throughout the world that it’s easy to ignore the vast benefits it has made to our daily lives. If you’re willing to make the investment, staying dry and comfortable will always be an option, especially if you choose one of our Best 5 Gore-Tex Motorcycle Jackets.

Everything from knee ligaments and heart grafts, to protection for medieval manuscripts and explosive sensors, use this incredible breathable membrane.

The most significant difference it has made to motorcyclists though is in the field of wet weather gear. The addition of Gore-Tex in garment construction revolutionized protective clothing overnight.

Just how does it work and why does it make such a difference? To answer both of those questions, without getting too technical, it’s all down to molecules.  These are the microscopic particles in the membrane, and what makes them unique is their ability to prevent water from getting in, while allowing moisture vapor out.

Dainese D-Explorer

As the name suggests, Italian company Dainese has aimed this jacket squarely at the adventure-bike brigade. Dainese describes the D-Explorer as a modular jacket, which means it has several different layers making it possible to wear it in a number of different ways.

The Gore-Tex element of the jacket comes by way of a removable waterproof liner, and there is also an additional thermal liner; both of which you can wear independently. Mugello fabric, which is a combination of stretchy material and nylon, gives the outer shell a high degree of elasticity and wear resistance.

Regarding protection, you will find G2, CE Cat II back protectors, a double chest protector and pre-formed shoulder pads. The jacket, being of Italian design, is as stylish as it is practical and are easily adjustable for fit on the neck, waist arms and wrist.

The D-Explorer gets no less than 12 outer and inner pockets, so you’ll never be short of stash space, and is described as being suitable for both summer and winter use.

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Klim Badlands Pro

It wouldn’t be a viable feature on Gore-Tex jackets without Klim in the line-up, and the Badlands is as badass as they get. Winners of countless ‘Best Of’ categories, Klim must be using their trophies as doorstops by now!

It is not hard to see why; the spec list of the Badlands resembles a who’s who of top-shelf outdoor-ready gear.  Featuring top of the range YKK water resistant zips, Scotchlite strips, D30 armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a CE level 2 protector on the back.

The Badlands Pro incorporates a significant amount of the world famous waterproof membrane too, in fact, there’s so much of it, Klim should rename it the Gore-Tex Pro!

Unlike most jackets that use a waterproof liner, the entire outer shell of the Badlands is made using a 3-layer Gore-Tex laminate material.

Furthermore, you’ll find panels of SPL 200 3 layer Gore-Tex on the main body of the jacket as well as FPL 400.  Cleverly, 500 denier rip-stop panels of Karbonite have been added to the main wear and impact areas, giving protection from abrasion resistance. The elbows, shoulders, and forearms feature variable density fabric.

The entire jacket is adjustable for fit and has eight intake vents and four exhaust vents.  For all you stealth riders out there, look out for the limited edition blacked-out version.

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Rukka Roughroad

Rukka may not be as well known as other top-shelf motorcycle gear manufacturers, but the company has been making excellent outdoor gear since the 1950’s. Rukka is Finnish, so if anyone knows about bad weather gear, it’s these guys.

Although all types of riders can wear the Roughroad, the cut and length of the jacket make it more suitable for the touring and adventure biker. The choice of an abrasion resistant 500 denier outer shell also confirms that this is one jacket that can take the knocks.

Rukka is proud of the fact they produce technically excellent, well-thought-out gear and the Roughroad is no exception. The jacket is adjustable on the upper and lower arms, as well as the waist.

You’ll find stretch panels on the arms and back, with ventilation coming from chest, shoulder and side zips. The jacket also gets impressive armor from D30 ‘air-limb’ protectors’ positioned in the elbows, shoulders, and back.

As for the Gore-Tex element, a detachable inner liner provides all the waterproofing you’ll ever need and features ‘Outlast’ temperature regulation. There is also a detachable collar made of elasticated Gore-Tex.

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Alpinestars Revenant Pro

Let’s face it; Gore-Tex is at the top of the food chain when it comes to waterproofing. It’s also costly, which is why motorcycle clothing manufacturers generally only use it in their top-shelf gear.

The Alpinestars Revenant Pro aptly demonstrates this philosophy. This jacket is designed and built to give maximum protection against extreme weather conditions and riding environments.

Like the Klim Badlands, the Revenant incorporates the Gore-Tex component by laminating it in between a tough abrasion resistant outer and durable inner layer. This procedure makes the entire outer shell both waterproof, windproof and importantly, breathable.

The waterproofing continues into the pockets, so your essentials will also stay dry. Ventilation is down to multiple front intakes and exhaust ports, with multiple adjustment points and stretch panels.

There’s a pocket and conduit to fit a camel pack, and apart from the ‘Armacor’ protectors, the jacket is compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air liner.

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Held Carese II

This German-based company started out as glove makers. After eventually heading into the motorcycle market, they developed the very first dedicated Motocross glove.

Four years later, in 1983, they did the same with a new style of racing glove that was campaigned successfully by Germany’s most prolific racer, Tony Mang.

Since then, Held has advanced into all kinds of motorcycle gear, but the common denominator has been the use of premium material and technical excellence. The Carese II is a perfect combination of tough and stylish looks.

The outer shell is 500 denier Cordura with elbow and shoulder protection from CE level one, approved armor. There is space in the back for an optional back protector. Ventilation features heavily on this jacket with the facility of keeping the vents open via magnetic clasps.

Although the Carese II features a removable Gore-Tex liner, interestingly, Held says that it can be worn inside the jacket or over it! This option effectively gives the wearer an additional waterproof and breathable jacket in its own right.

Let’s face it, Gore-Tex has made wet weather biking infinitely more bearable. Not only is it more than capable of keeping you dry and comfortable but importantly, in humid weather, it will also allow sweat to evaporate.

Regardless of whether you are looking for the flexibility of a removable liner or the convenience of a one-piece jacket, Gore-Tex is the solution. Ultimately, whichever one of the Best 5 Gore-Tex Motorcycle Jackets you choose, you will stay dry and comfortable.