Discover the Best 5 Motorcycle Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses

#1 Body Specs 3 Lens Goggles

When are goggles not goggles? When they come with an extra set of arms that can turn them into glasses. Now that’s what I call flexible!

The Body Specs frame is TR-90 nylon which means its got plenty of give but still retains immense strength. This type of material is always a plus in riding glasses because they’re always being stuffed in a pocket or inside a lid.

The lenses on these convertible eye protectors are 2.0mm thick and conform to no less than three safety and ballistics ANSI standards, so your eyes are well protected.

You’ll get three interchangeable lenses, coming in gray (which is like a basic sunglasses tint) and clear for night-time or poor conditions. The third set is yellow, which have proven advantages for riding in low light or urban night riding.

The foam gasket, designed to keep blown road crud at bay, is replaceable and the elastic headband can unclip at the temples for inserting the supplied arms. The whole deal comes in a sturdy nylon zippered case along with a cleaning cloth and one year warranty.

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#2 Aully Park Polarized Motorcycle Glasses

The Aully Park Glasses are another great pair of riding glasses which represent fantastic bang for buck. If you thought three sets of lenses were good, the Aully Park’s go one better.

The four interchangeable lenses cover a polarized gray tint, with three non-polarized lenses in mirror, amber and clear to accommodate all riding conditions.

There are a number of features on these particular glasses which are particularly well thought out. The first, is that the foam padding is actually on each lens, instead of a single gasket fixed to the frames. This feature means the gaskets will enjoy a long shelf life, before getting all flat and useless.

The second is that it’s possible to replace the lenses by pushing them in from the back. Okay, you are probably thinking, what’s the big deal? However, consider this, if for any reason the lens pops out, one that pushes in from the front is blown away in a nano-second, not so with these lenses.

The frames are thin, so sliding them under a full face or padded open face will be no problem and they are strong enough to almost bend in half. The shatterproof lenses are 100% UVA/UVB protective, are DOT certified, but you can’t wear prescription glasses underneath.

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#3 Bertoni Biker Glasses 3 Lens

You can always rely on those clever Italians to pack in a heap of useful safety features on their motorcycle riding glasses while still making them look super stylish.

The three interchangeable lens are all 2.2mm thick, anti-fog, impact-resistant polycarbonate, and 100% UV proof. The clear, yellow and gray tints, therefore cover a full range of riding conditions.

The frames are shock-resistant nylon in badass matt black and don’t utilize a wind gasket. Instead, they rely on the seriously snug fit created by the heavily curved frame.

Together with the arms, the shape of the glasses follow the contours of the head perfectly. The arms are also nice and thin, so your temples shouldn’t get that ‘head in a vice’ feeling.

You’ll find grips located at the end of the arms and nose, to keep the glasses from shifting around on the move. Due to the flex and pre-curved nature of the frames, Bertoni’s should fit most head shapes.

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#4 Bobster Low Rider II Convertible Sunglasses

Bobster certainly has their market fixed firmly in their sights, with model names that mirror a certain American V-twin very closely.

The Low Rider II Convertibles come with three sets of interchangeable lenses. All are anti-fog, covering a standard sunglasses tint, through to clear, and low-light amber.

You’ll undoubtedly be relieved to hear that these lenses together with the entire Bobster range are distortion-free and optically correct, so no more squinting.

Although the Bobster frame is profoundly curved to follow the contours of the head, they’ve also gone for the belt and braces approach of a foam wind gasket.

This gasket is an open cell foam, which is lightweight, squishy and absorbs away sweat. It gives an excellent seal around the eye area, but the only downside is that it’s not particularly hard-wearing and Bobster doesn’t appear to list replacement gaskets as a spare.

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#5 Sampact Polarized Sunglasses 5 Lens

The Sampact’s are lightweight sports-type glasses that are perfect for cruisers who prefer to wear a coconut shell, sorry, half helmet. The reason I say this is because the arms where they join the frame, are quite chunky and may make their presence felt under an open face or full face helmet.

You’ll get five replaceable shatterproof lenses, which in this case are all one-piece units, which should make fitment less fiddly. Lenses range from polarized, gray for intense sunlight, through to yellow for low light, and brown, which they say is for fog.

There’s also a clear lens and a multi-colored one, which they’ve added because it is “anti-glare, gives UV protection and is fashionable.’’ When ordering though, be clear about which lenses come with the set, as they list a brown ‘’fog” lens or a light blue tinted one. The latter being of more use if you ride in one of those endless-sky states.

The Sampact’s also come with some cool features too, which include a silicone strip across the brow, to stop them digging in, an adjustable silicone nose pad. The pad hugs the nose and the lenses wrap right around, to give maximum peripheral vision.

You’ll also find an elasticated goggle style strap that replaces the arms and a separate frame for prescription lenses that clips into the mainframe. These extras conveniently pack into a semi-hard shell case along with a cleaning cloth.

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Wearing black wraparound shades to navigate at night may be cool for the Blues Brothers. However, for us lesser mortals a good quality pair of versatile riding glasses is essential. Thankfully, the Best 5 Motorcycle Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses will make sure that you stay safe, and look cool.