You’re in Safe Hands with our Magnificent 7 Motorcycle Gloves for Women

Although it’s taken quite a while for motorcycle clothing manufacturers to get the message, the market is now too big to ignore. Instead of the one-shape fits all approach, women are finally getting gear that fits.

Motorcycle clothing is, after all, worn for reasons of safety, protecting the wearer, so the fit is of vital importance. This aspect is particularly relevant in gloves where grip and flexibility are also key factors.

Motorcycle Gloves for Women

  Joe Rocket Super Moto Women’s Leather Gloves

Joe Rocket needs no introduction when it comes to motorcycle apparel. The company turned the clothing world on its head back in 1994 with its now famous “Phoenix” jacket and has never looked back.

The SuperMoto women’s gloves carry on the JR tradition of quality and performance, with goatskin leather mixed with stretch poly sections. The leather section continues on the palm with further synthetic leather inserts and silicone printing on the grips.

A one-piece PVC knuckle protector has you covered on the back, and the gloves are pre-curved for better grip. The cuff is neoprene and with the hook and loop closure, gives a snug fit around the wrist. Fingertips and thumbs are touchscreen friendly.

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Hugger Water Resistant Touch Screen Glove

The Hugger Glove Company describe this model as a “traditional pat-down police glove” so that should give you an idea of their flexibility regarding movement.

They also state that the neoprene outer shell and water-resistant synthetic leather palm are good for rain or cooler weather. It’s probably safer to class them as three seasons though.

The synth leather also runs along the inside of the fingers, and thumbs and the main areas get double stitching for strength.

A Velcro tab snugs them up at the wrist cuff to keep the rain out, and the manufacturers give a 12-month warranty on the gloves.

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ScorpionExo Scrub Gloves

Manufacturing some of the coolest helmets and clothing on the market, it’s a safe bet that ScorpionExo’s Scrub gloves will last the course too.

The company uses pro riders in everything from Moto GP to the Dakar Rally as mobile testbeds, and the lessons learned, applied to their products.

The Scrub gloves feature black inners, with contrasting ‘in your face’ pink with black insets on the outer. The inserts are thermoplastic rubber protectors, and there are also Creora finger panels on the inside fingers for flex and fit.

You will also find Neoprene stretch panels, padding on the palm and synthetic Nash leather on the thumb guards and palm panels. The wrist closures are double-stretch and feature more thermoplastic safety paneling on the back. The Scrubs have a DOT safety rating.

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Cortech Women’s DX2

Cortech prides themselves on the build and safety aspects of all their Powersports clothing products, and it shows on the DX2’s. Despite their lightweight, (around 1.6 ounces) there’s a lot of attention to detail, especially on the palms.

Grip comfort increases by the use of padded Clarino synthetic leather inserts. This material is as durable as leather but much lighter and the ergonomically designed pads, fight fatigue and help maintain grip.

You’ll find Clarino inserts on the thumb inners too, and the areas of high contact are all double stitched. The use of neoprene on the wrist wraps and knuckles keeps weight down and provides impact cushioning.

Bright pink Elastane panels on the wrist and first two fingers provide contrast and give added flex. While the thermoplastic inserts on the fingers, back of hands and cuffs offer added protection.

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Bilt Free Flow Vented Gloves

Bilt is the in-house brand for Cycle Gear and sells everything from helmets to leathers under this banner. Strictly speaking, the company refer to the Free Flows as ‘off road’ gloves, but there’s no reason why you can’t tear up the streets in them either.

This glove is another lightweight model, which makes no bones about being built explicitly for the fairer weather. The bulk of the Free Flow is stretch fabric, which also adds to their flexibility.

The molded knuckle panel is Neoprene in keeping with the rest of the glove’s lack of bulk, and the stretch material is also on the finger joints. Bilt have also used Neoprene on the end of the fingers too which look a bit like stick-on fingernails.

You will find a Velcro wrist tab to keep things adjustable and snug, and according to feedback, sizes run a bit on the small side so check your sizing.

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Fox Racing Dirtpaw MotoX Gloves

That famous funky fox logo has found its way on to the backs, heads, and feet of some of the top Moto X riders in the business. Once again, the Dirtpaw’s are aimed more at the off-road market, but the additional features also lend themselves perfectly to street biking.

These features include a polyester outer shell with stretch mesh finger inserts for great flexibility and lack of bulk. There is knuckle padding, and the palm has a one-piece synthetic Clarino leather insert for extra grip.

Keeping dirt out of the gloves is obviously of prime importance when you’re off-roading, so the wrist entry is on the small side. Feedback indicates this means getting them on and off can be a challenge.

Some customers also say that the Dirtpaws aren’t very touchscreen friendly, but hey, that’s not exactly a top priority in an off-road glove.

What they do have though, is silicone imprints on the fingertips, which give a great feel on the levers.

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Alpinestars Stella WR-V

We’ve looked at lightweight gloves and also three-season gloves, but what do you do when the weather turns nasty? In this case, you head straight for the Alpinestars.

The Stella’s are a full-on riding gauntlet designed to go over the cuffs of a jacket. With a 450 denier poly-textile shell, leather palm and EVA padding on the outer edge, knuckle, and palm to cover all the main abrasion points.

The fingers are pre-curved which prevents rider fatigue and are touchscreen compatible, so are great for satnav tweaks. Two wrist closures, a Gore-Tex membrane, and special insulation are all designed to keep the nasty stuff out.

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Riding without gloves is a bad idea. Our natural reaction when falling over is to stretch out a hand, now imagine doing that on a bike.
The majority of gloves will offer you some protection, but you’re in safe hands with any, one of our Magnificent 7 Motorcycle Gloves For Women.