The Best 5 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets That will Protect your Hearing

Traveling through space at 64000 miles per hour, you’d expect there to be some wind on planet earth. However, space is a vacuum, so it doesn’t count. Back down on terra firma though, and it’s a different matter entirely.

I won’t go into the many ins and outs of how wind forms, but when it comes into direct contact with a fixed obstacle it produces noise. This noise is called Elian sound. This sound can be soothing and hypnotic, or loud enough deafen you.

Obviously, it all depends on the obstacle and the speed. Translate that to a motorcycle that is capable of over 100 miles per hour, and then add a fixed object, like a crash helmet.

At highway speeds, the sound inside a crash helmet from rushing wind can reach more than 115 decibels. That may not sound too bad, but to put it in perspective, it only takes 85 decibels of sound to damage your hearing.

Schuberth C3 Pro Matte Black Modular Helmet

This helmet may seem a strange option to warrant a place on the ‘quietest’ list simply because the C3 Pro is a flip front. The fact that it’s one of the quietest helmets in the world though is an indication as to just how much thought has gone into its design.

The build process starts off with a composite fiberglass and resin shell. This formula gives excellent strength but keeps the weight down; wind is the enemy here, so the weight saving helps with stability when air flows over the helmet.

In regards to airflow, countless hours of R&D have been whiled away in the company wind tunnel. The results of which, dictate the final shape of the shell and the precise positioning of the aerodynamic spoiler. This combination directly affects the smooth transition of air over the helmet, preventing lift, and dramatically reducing buffeting.

To keep the wind at bay, the C3 Pro has an integrated neck cushion. Not only this, but even the design of the visor has come under the microscope to cut down on whistling noise when open.

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Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

View this helmet from any angle, and you can see just how much effort has gone into the shell shape. From the raised dome on the top to the inclined rear section the RF-1200 is a sculpted masterpiece.

Despite the chin-guard being relatively deep, the eye-portal is still wide enough to give excellent visibility while maintaining a good seal around the edge.

Streamlining and airflow manipulation are clearly visible in the helmet’s cooling system too. The Shoei has no less than four inlets with stabilizing winged covers. At the rear, the four exhaust vents cleverly form a spoiler, which not only deflects airflow but also uses the negative pressure to suck away hot air.

As you can imagine, all the skillfully crafted aerodynamics in the world are fighting a losing battle if the wind is free to whistle under the helmet. To combat this, the RF-1200 has an integrated chin spoiler, with deep side sections and built-in neck padding to keep updrafts at bay.

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AGV Veloce-S Adult Helmet – Matte Black

Looking back at works sponsored riders who have worn AGV helmets over the years is like reading a who’s who of racing greats. Everyone from the legendary Giacomo Agostini to Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi, have become world champions wearing this famous headgear.

From their earliest years, the company has produced motorcycle helmets that are the epitome of strength and safety and being Italian; the style just came naturally. Like AGV’s entire top of the range lids, the Veloce S owes its shape and technical specification to the race track.

Stability is a high priority when you’re topping speeds of 200mph and the Veloce’s carbon, fiberglass and aramid construction give max strength without the excess weight.

A pronounced narrow profile front section provides aerodynamics and the ability to cut through the air without creating noise-inducing drag. The lines created by this profiling continue around the sides and top of the helmet where the pronounced channels lead effortlessly into a rear spoiler.

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CorsairArai Corsair X Statement Black Full Face Helmet

There are many reasons why Arai helmets attract such brand loyalty. It could be the trademark rounded outer shell that the company recon is best at deflecting both wind and obstacles when on the slide.

It could also be the Arai philosophy that puts ultimate protection over market dominance and profit. Even the meticulous care they take constructing the composite fiber shell is reason enough.

For me though, it’s the 1950’s photo of company founder, Hirotake Arai wearing a straw boater hat, while riding his bike standing on the seat.

Ok, it may not be the most sensible of reasons, but let’s face it; the stand-out features on the RX-7V speak for themselves. A 5-star Sharp rating makes it one of the safest lids on the street, not to mention that straight-out-the-box, it’s racetrack ready.

Owners who have traded in the old model for the revamped 7V state that noise dampening has improved. This improvement is probably down to the adjustable lining, making it possible to tweak around the head and cheeks for the ultimate fit and the addition of a chin curtain.

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Scorpion EXO-R2000 Launch Phantom Full Face Helmet

As you may expect, building the best and quietest helmets on the market isn’t an easy task.

The Scorpion Exo 2000 manages to competitively, cram-in innovative design, distinctive style, and that all-important low noise ability.

Undoubtedly, the 5 layer composite shell helps with weight and stability but also allows for the radical contouring at the rear of the helmet. Add to that, the Ellip-Tec ratchet system that pulls the visor flush against the sides and you have a helmet that helps air to streak past without stopping.

The Exo also has inflatable cheek pads and an Aero Skirt neck roll that helps provide a safer (and for safer, read quieter) environment inside the helmet. All this and a Snell safety rating make it an excellent choice.

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It’s ironic that when choosing safety gear for our motorcycling adventures, we spend a lot of time looking for tough boots, flexible gloves, and armored jackets.

When it comes to helmets though, many of us tend to overlook the fact that excessive noise levels can permanently damage the hearing.

By choosing one of the best 5 quietest motorcycle helmets that will protect your hearing you may very well reach retirement age able to enjoy your favorite thrash metal!